Park It

Most of our performances are held at the Civic Center Music Hall in downtown Oklahoma City. Therefore, parking is sometimes a challenge.  Be mindful of traffic, construction, or special events in the area. Street parking is limited, but there are many private lots in the area.  Expect to pay $10-$15 for downtown parking. The Civic Center Music Hall has great information on where to park.

What to Wear

No matter what you’ve heard about ballet, we believe in comfort! No one will blink an eye if you show up to the Ballet in jeans or your office attire, but it’s fun dressing up too. The Ballet is a great place to debut your most enchanting get-up – anything goes!

Keep an Eye on Time

Double and triple check your tickets! The date and time of your performance are written on your ticket (and they do vary) so it’s worth checking. The lobby doors open one hour before the start of the performance, and doors to the house open 30 minutes before the start of the performance. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for traffic, parking, and refreshment orders. If you miss the beginning of the ballet, you’ll have to watch it on a monitor until there’s a suitable break in the performance, which can often be at the first intermission.

Share the Love

Bring your date, your friends, your mom (or dad!) to share your Ballet experience.  All ages are welcome. However, all patrons regardless of age, require their own ticket.

Don’t Overthink It

At the heart of it, the appeal of ballet is simple: beautiful bodies moving to beautiful music.  Don’t fret if you don’t know what a ballet “means” or you’re not “getting it” – just let the performance sweep you away.  Our triple bill productions are an excellent way to enjoy pure dance without a complex story.

Take a Closer Look

Make sure to arrive early for Behind the Ballet, a casual learning opportunity that takes place 45 minutes before curtain in the South Lobby of the Civic Center. This pre-show event features lectures from guest artists, hands-on activities, and demonstrations for all ages.

Go Wild

You’d never clap in the middle of a symphony or Broadway show, but at Oklahoma City Ballet, you can let yourself go! When dancers pull off spectacular moves (spins, leaps, and lifts), it’s perfectly acceptable to cheer them on to greater heights with storms of applause or shouts of “bravo!” (for males) or “brava!” (for females).

Get Social

Share the experience online and be sure to tag @okcballet in all your OKC Ballet photos (yes, even the bathroom selfies).  And be sure to follow us on social media.  We consistently share up-to-date company and performance information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just remember – no photography once the curtain rises.


  • “Curtain” The exact time the performance begins.
  • “Triple Bill” A production that includes three short performances separated by intermissions.
  • “House” The theater in which the production takes place, versus the lobby where concessions and restrooms are located.
  • “Repertoire” Casually called “rep” in ballet circles, is a collection of ballets a company has performed.
  • “Stage Left/Stage Right” Terms used by artists from the stage, looking out toward the audience.
  • “House Left/House Right” Terms used to describe the audience’s position in the theater when facing the stage.
  • “Susan E. Brackett Dance Center” Home of Oklahoma City Ballet, where our dancers rehearse, school classes are held, and some community engagement programs take place.

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