Day Program

This intensive program is designed for students ages 11-18 who are interested in pursuing a professional career in ballet. The Day Program is by audition or invitation only. Students train approx. 22 hours per week with a variety of classes including ballet technique, pointe, variations, repertoire, modern technique, contemporary, improv, jazz technique, character dance, Pilates, and conditioning. Students will also receive seminars on topics such as resume writing, auditioning, dancer wellness, acting, and more. Classes are held Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with an additional morning classes on Saturday. Students who participate in the Day Program must complete their academics through homeschool or online study.

Audition Information

To audition for the Day Program by video, please complete the following and send to

1) Pay the $40 Audition Fee by emailing for instructions

2) Submit two (2) photos including: Headshot and First Arabesque

3) Submit Video - no longer than 10 minutes. (Links must be active without a permission request needed.)


Video Audition Requirements:

Female dancers should wear a solid-colored leotard and pink tights (or tights complementary to skin tone). Male dancers should wear a fitted white shirt and solid-colored tights.

Barre Work (One Side Only)

Plié    Tendu    Dégagé    Ronde de Jambe    Fondu    Grand Battement

Center Work (Ladies En Pointe - Age 16+)

Adagio    Pirouette (en dehors & en dedans)    Petit Allegro    Grand Allegro

Pointe Exercises (Beginner Students - May be performed at barre)

Relevé    Échappé    Passé    Pirouette

Men’s Exercises:

Tour en L’air    Tours a la Seconde    Entrechat


The Yvonne Chouteau School is pleased to have Eleve Dancewear as the official dancewear of our Pre-Professional and Professional Divisions.  These beautifully constructed leotards/skirts/shirts can be purchased thru the Yvonne Chouteau School or thru the Eleve website:


The Oklahoma City Ballet Yvonne Chouteau School will present end-of-year performances on May 2024. This will give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, in addition to continuing their dance education with participation in a performance event.

Other performance opportunities include participation in Oklahoma City Ballet company productions (by audition) and coaching/preparation for ballet competitions, such as the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP).