Join us to support and celebrate Oklahoma City Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Season at the annual Ballet Ball. Dress in your finest red carpet ensemble and enjoy cocktails, dinner, a live auction, and of course dancing.

Saturday, April 2, 2022
Seven o’clock in the evening

The Omni Hotel
100 W. Oklahoma City Boulevard

Stephanie Naifeh
Kylee Claire Rainbolt

The Past Presidents of Oklahoma City Ballet

Dr. Mark Allen Everett* 1963/65
Mrs. John E. Kirkpatrick* 1965/66
Mrs. Louis Danforth* 1966/67
Mrs. Henry B. Taliaferro Jr. 1967/68
Dr. James A. Merrill* 1968/70
Earl Sneed* 1970/71
Mary Frates 1970/72
Dale F. Crabtree 1972/73
Mrs. Bryan Arnn* 1972/74
William C. Boston Jr.* 1974/76
John Kilpatrick Jr.* 1976/78
Dr. Perry A. Lambird* 1978/79
Kathy Walker 1979/81
Gail Beals 1981/83
Fred J. Hall 1983/84
Larry J. Nichols 1984/86
William L. McNatt* 1986/88
Harriette Orbach* 1988/89
Eric J. Groves 1989/90
Dr. David A. Kallenberger 1990/91
Rand Elliot 1991/92
Michael S. Laird 1992/94
Dr. David A. Kallenberger 1994/95
Elaine Levy 1995/96
Albert E. Pons* 1996/97
Steven R. Haught 1997/99
Cynthia Armstrong 1999/00
John L. Walker 2000/02
Charles Oppenheim 2002/04
Mack Martin 2004/06
Tim Berney 2006/07
Richard Geren* 2007/08
Phil Clayton 2008/09
Dr. Diana Hampton 2009/11
Sandra Kirk 2011/13
Lea Morgan 2013/15
Scott Davis 2015/17
Sally Nichols Starling 2017/19
Benham Kirk 2019/20
Kevin Lafferty 2020/21