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Dr. Megan Meier| Oklahoma City Ballet


Megan Meier

Dr. Megan Meier is a Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialist at McBride Orthopedic Hospital. She provides skilled, non-surgical treatment for athletic and musculoskeletal injuries, and a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of exercise-related injuries, disorders, dysfunctions, and disease processes. She enjoys providing comprehensive care for athletes of all sports with a holistic treatment approach. Her specialties include dance medicine, women’s health, ultrasound-guided diagnostic and interventional procedures, concussion care, and primary care medicine. Dr. Meier’s practice includes three important components in patient care: completing an appropriate, thorough history and physical; development of an appropriate treatment plan; and the establishment of trust with all patients. She is a native Oklahoman, a sports and dance enthusiast, and an avid traveler. Dr. Meier and her husband have two small children. She has been advising and treating Oklahoma City Ballet dancers for more than five years.