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Dress Code Information

Simplicity is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a truly fine dancer. While we are working on the strength and technique needed to accomplish this goal, we can start by dressing simply in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. Find your specific level dress code.

General Guidelines for Female Dancers

  • Hair must be secured away from the face regardless of length. Long hair should be styled into a ballet bun or French twist that is secure. Short hair must be pulled back with a headband or barrettes.
  • Underwear should not be worn under ballet attire.
  • No necklaces, bracelets, watches, or dangly earrings.

General Guidelines for Male Dancers

  • If hair is long, it must be secured away from the face.
  • No necklaces, bracelets, watches, or dangly earrings.
  • Young boys should wear underwear under their shorts; male students 11 and up must wear a dance belt.

General Guidelines for All Ages

  • Tights and leotards should be washed on a regular basis.
  • Tights should be footed; please do not wear cut-off tights.
  • All ballet slippers should have elastic straps sewn on securely across the ankles.
  • Drawstrings should be tied in a knot, trimmed, and tucked in to the shoe.
  • No excess clothing should be worn in class. Tight fitting ballet sweaters and leg warmers are appropriate during the winter months.

Guidelines for Community Division Classes

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in (i.e. tights, leotards, yoga pants, or even sweat pants).
  • Hair should be secured away from the face regardless of length.
  • Specific shoes are required for various classes
    • Ballet slippers for all Ballet classes
    • Jazz shoes or ballet slippers for Jazz class
    • Ballroom, character or dress shoes for Ballroom class (please no rubber soled shoes)

Dance attire to meet all dress code requirements may be purchased at Show Biz Boutique at 4427 NW 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116.

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