Community Engagement

Oklahoma City Ballet’s community engagement programs serve over 5,000 youths and seniors within Oklahoma. We’re committed to providing experiences that increase the understanding and appreciation of ballet, as well as a lifelong interest in the arts.

Our programs make lasting impacts on participants, in ways that go far beyond ballet. To learn more about our six community engagement program, click the links below.


Oklahoma City Ballet’s BalletReach program provides on-site ballet instruction for numerous local schools. Children attend class at least once a week and are provided ballet shoes in order to properly train. Not only do students learn the basics of ballet, but also gain valuable life skills such as responsibility, self-confidence, listening, and observing skills.

BalletKids Club – OKC Ballet


Oklahoma City Ballet is proud to present, for the thirtieth consecutive year, the ArtsReach program for students in grades kindergarten through 12. ArtsReach provides an exciting opportunity for all teachers and any others in your school who are looking for an interesting, fun, and challenging way to bring arts into the classroom.

BalletKids Club – OKC Ballet

BalletKids Club

Oklahoma City Ballet created BalletKids Club in order to provide underserved youth the opportunity to attend a professional ballet performance for free! We partner with non-profit organizations serving youth in the community to invite youth who would not otherwise have the resources to see a live performance from Oklahoma City Ballet.

Golden Swans

Golden Swans is a program geared toward senior citizens who are either beginners or have had some prior experience with ballet. The goal of the program is to keep students moving and agile while exploring classic ballet movements. Participation in ballet class keeps the body nimble and improves overall mobility.

Dance for Parkinson’s

Oklahoma City Ballet has proudly partnered with the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma to offer Dance for Parkinson’s classes! Dance has been proven to be an enjoyable and beneficial way for people with Parkinson’s to work on their balance and mobility in a fun social atmosphere. The hour-long class takes participants through different dance movements by sitting, standing, or moving across the floor.

Chance to Dance

Oklahoma City Ballet is excited to announce our first ever adaptive dance program. Chance to Dance will be held every Saturday from 10 to 11 am, March 9 through April 13. This inclusive program is designed for students of varying levels of physical and developmental abilities who wish to take dance class. Dancers between the ages of 8 and 12 are welcome to join us.

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